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Sterilaire Uv replacement lamp P/N 21000500 P/N 21000300

Model No.︰Straight Shape
Brand Name︰OEM ETC
Country of Origin︰China
Unit Price︰US $ 8.5 / pc
Minimum Order︰10 pc
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Product Description
Company and Model Number of Lamps Available  (REPLACEMENT UV LAMPS)
GML005, WM-36(L), SC-1 SM36(L), DB36, TB-36-W, CE-36, CE-36-2, RT-36-2GE, RT-36-2GM, RT-36-4GE, RT-36-4GM, RT-2G/2CWE, RT2GSCW277, RT2G2CW27M, GML010, CE-30-C, CE-30-2C, SM-30-2C, GML015, TTG-64, GML020, CE-10-C, CE-10-2C, SM-10-2C, GML025, CE-20-C, CE-20-2C, SM-20-2C, GML040, GML060, GR-10-SL, UFA-10-SL, TB12W, SM-10-SL, UF-10-SL, CE-10-SL, CE-10-2SL, GML070, GML080, GML090, GML095, GML100, MRS3684P, GML120, GML140, GML180, GML195, GML205, A2400, GML210, CE-5-H, CE-15-2H, SM-15-H, GML215, WM-25(H), GML220, UFA-25(H), CE-25-H, CE-25-2H, SM-25-H, GML220, CE-30-H, CE-30-2H, SM-30-H, GML270, GML290, GML325, TB-24-W, GML350, GML365, GML370, RM-9U-105, AP600, GML410, DC14-2, DC14-4, GML415, DC24-2, DC24-4, GML420, DC33-2, DC33-4, GML425, GML425T, GML430, DC16-2, DC16-4, GML445, DC45-2, DC45-4, GML1240T, GML1234T, RPT405T, TB24W, DB36, SM10SL, GML060, GML005
Aprilaire - Research Products Corporation
1910, 1930, 90, 87N77, 1076R
Amilair EZ Air Cleaners BE18, BE18TWIN, BE36, BE36TWIN
Aquafine 3010, SP1, 3011, SP2, 3050, SL-10A, DW300, 3052, 3070, DW100, 3084, SL1, MP2SL, DW8, DW400, 3087, SL1, MP2SL, 3095, CSL/60, RBE/60, 3098, CSL/60, RBE/60, 17491, 17998, 17498, 18977-4, 17820, Optma 630, 18977-3, 18977-11, 18197, 18198, 18024, 3184, 3198, 3084, DW400, SP1, DW100, 3070, DW300, 3050, DW8, SL1, MP2SL, CSL series, RBE series, SP2
Aquanetics ALA-4, Q4IL, Q4SPT, ALA-8, Q8IL, Q8SPT, Q8ILHP, PQ8IL, ALA-15, 15IL, 15SPT, Q15IL, Q15SPT, Q15ILHP, Q30ILD, PQ15IL, PW30ILD, ALA-25, 25IL, 25SPT, Q25IL, Q25SPT, Q25ILHP, PQ25IL, 50ILD, Q50ILD, ALA-30, 30IL, Q30IL, PQ30IL, 60IL, Q60IL, PQ60IL, 90IL, Q90IL, PQ90IL, 120IL, Q120IL, W120IL, QW120IL, PQ120IL, PQW120IL, Q180IL, PQ180IL, 240IL, Q240IL, PQ240IL, Q300IL, PQ300IL, 360IL, Q360IL, PQ360IL, 480IL, Q480IL, 600IL, Q600IL, 720IL, Q720IL, 960IL, Q960IL
Aqua Medic - Helix Max 80805
Aqua Treatment Service ATS G10T512L, G36T6L, DWS6, DWS7, DWS12, DWS15, DWS24, DWS8V, SL8, ATS1805, ATS8246, ATS-2-457, ATS-2-436, DWS-6, DWSW-6, DWS-7, ATS-1-805, SE7, DWS-12, DWSW-12, DWS-15, DWS-24, ATS-8-246, SE24, SE15, DWS-8V, SL-8
Aqua UV 8 watt, 8 watt adv, 15 watt, 15 watt adv, 25 watt, 40 watt, 57 watt, 100 watt, 200 watt
Atlantic Ultraviolet Ster-L-Ray® Ultraviolet Germicidal
Replacement Lamps - Slimline
G12T6L, G12T6VH, G10T51/2L, G10T51/2VH, G18T6L,
G18T6VH, G24T6L, G24T6VH, G30T6L, G30T6VH, G36T6L,
G36T6VH, G37T6L, G37T6VH, G48T6L, G48T6VH, G64T5L, G64T5VH
Atlantic Ultraviolet Ster-L-Ray Ultraviolet Germicidal Replacement Lamps
- Slimline U-Shape
G18T6L/U, G18T6VH/U, G24T6L/U, G24T6VH/U,
G30T6L/U, G30T6VH/U, G36T6L/U, G36T6VH/U,
G48T6L/U, G48T6VH/U
Atlantic Ultraviolet Ster-L-Ray Ultraviolet Germicidal Replacement Lamps - Cold Cathode CC12T6L, CC12T6VH, 782L10, 782VH10, CC18T6L,
CC18T6VH, CC24T6L, CC24T6VH, 782L20, 782VH20,
CC36T6L, CC36T6VH, 782L30, 782VH30,
Atlantic Ultraviolet Ster-L-Ray Ultraviolet Germicidal Replacement Lamps - Preheat GPH212T5L, GPH212T5VH, GPH287T5L, GPH287T5VH,
GPH330T5L/4, GPH330T5VH/4, GPH357T5L/4, GPH357T5VH/4,
GPH436T5L, GPH436T5VH, GPH450T5L/4, GPH450T5VH/4,
GPH463T5L/4, GPH463T5VH/4, GPH620T5L/4, GPH620T5VH/4,
GPH793T5L, GPH793T5VH, GPH810T5L/4, GPH810T5VH/4
Atlantic Ultraviolet
Replacement Lamps for the following models
A75, DV75, A250, DV250, A600, DV600, A2400, BIO-1.5, MIN-1.5, MIN-3, BIO-3.0, MIN-6, MIN-1, MIN-9, MP13, MP13A, S14, S14A, MP16, MP16A, S17, S17A, MP22, MP22A, S23, S23A, MP36, S37, MP36A, MP36B, MP36C, S37A, S37B, S37C, MP49, MP49B, MP49C, S50, S50B, S50C, S2400, S2400B, S2400C, M50, M90, M150, M250
Biolite - Cuno Inc. BIO12, UVLB-1X
Catfish Lighting 9 Watt, 18 Watt, 36 Watt
Coral Life 3x, 77082, 6x, 77084, 8 Mega Watt, 15 Mega Watt, 25 Mega Watt
Culligan Aquada 1, NLR1825, AQ37085, Aquada 2 & 4, NLR1845, AQ37086, Aquada 7 & 10, NLR1880, AQ37087
Cyprio Hozelock Vorton Vorton 500, BioForce 250, BioForce 500, Vorton 1000, Vorton 2000, Vorton 4000, BioForce 1000
Ecoquest Fresh Air UV4
Fisher Porter
B153L002U01, 70UV3000, SBU-UVL64, 690B021U01, B153B008U01, 443U575U01, 443U575U02, 690B021U02
Fish Mate BioPond, AN1329
General Electric 15875, G55T8/HO, 15872, G4T5, 15873, G6T5, 11077, G8T5, 29495, G11T5, 15874, G36T5, 15864, G64T5, 46630, GPH793T5L/4P, 29498, G10T8, 11078, G15T8, 11082, G25T8, 11080, G30T8, 15876, G40T10
Germ Guardian EV9LBL, GG1000, 661000CA, GGH200
Glasco Ultraviolet Company
1308, 8030, 1508, 1608, 8060, GUS 7, 250, 1642, 2460, 1708, GUS15, 1842, 1851, 1908
Honeywell UC18W1004, UV100E1043, UV100A1005, UV100A1000, UC100E1006, RUVBULB1, 100476735, UC36W1006, UC100A1013, UC100A1054, UC100E1014, UC100E1030, UV100A1018, UV100A1059, UV100A2008, UV100E2009, UV100E3007
Ideal Horizons
IH-5, 12002, SH-15, SHE15, 12008, 12003, IH-1, IH-2, IH-8, IV-8, SH-4 22001, IV-25, IH-25, SH-7, SH-20, SH-10, 22002, IH-40, IV-40, 22005, IH40387, LBR-4, 41003, 42002, SVE-4, SS-4, SV-4, SSE-4, SVE-6, SSWE-6, SV-6, ME-4, SSW-6, MWE-6, RE-5, RE-8, 41004, LBR-6, LBR-8, LBRE-6, LBRE-8, 4-CUV, 6-CUV, CR-7, 41005, SV-7, SS-7, SVE-7, LBR-12, ME-7, ME-10, MWE-10, RE-12, CS-25, SV-10, SS-10, SSW-10, 41007, SV-20, SS-20, SSW-20, SV-30, SSW-30, SV-45, SSW-45, SV-60, SSW-60, 41010, SV-15, SS-15, SSW-15, 41016, SR-2, SR-3, 11003, 11010, 2001, 12013, 12026, 22003, 22004, 11002, 11004, 22006, 22023, 22015, 22031, 42022, 42003, IH-4, CR-7, 42016, 42019
Laguna Power Max 1000, PT-1650, PT-1651, Power Max 5000, PT1661, PT1660, Hagen Power Clear
Lancaster Pump 7L8-246, 7-L10, 7-LWT-UV015, 7-LWT-UV10, 7-L20, 7-LWT-UV20, 7-LWT-UV025, L-12-6, LUV-12, LUV-7R, LBR-4, 3-6, LUV-4E, 4-6, LBR-6, 5-6, LBR-8, LBR-12, 7-6, LUV-10E, LUV-7E, LUV-20E, LUV-30E, LUV-45E, LUV-60E, 12-6
Lennox 87N77
Life Flow 1 GPM, 2 GPM, 6 GPM, 12 GPM
Master Water Conditioning MWC-E7, MWC-7, MWC-10, HIMSV-6, UV330/4, HIMSV-7, HIMSV-10, HIMSV-20, HIMSP6165, MSP9360, WG1231L/2P
Nature's Quarters (NQ Industries) NQ400 NQ250
Neptune/Water Treatment & Accessories 1000, 1010, 1020, 1030, 2000, 2010, 2020, 2030, 3000, 3010, 3020, 3030, 5000, 5020, 5030
Osram Sylvania 23388, G55T8, G55T8/OF
Pentek UV110, 163508
Philips PL-S-5w/TUV, PL-S-9w/TUV, 325126, PL-L18w/TUV/4P, TUV18, PLL18WTUV, PL-L-36w/TUV, TUVPLL36W/4P, DL36, G55T8, G75T8, TUVF17T8
PURA 1 GPM, 812RL, UV100, 36002016, UV10, 10-212, 2 GPM, 7253L, UV101, 36002017, UV11, 11-275, UV20, UV20BB, 210-200, 36002018, 163512, 20-463
Purely Products PUVG1136, PUVLB515, PUVLB508, PUVLB506
Rainbow Lifegard (Pentair Aquatics) Rainbow 8 watt, 175229, QL8, Rainbow 25 watt, 175230, QL25, Rainbow 40 watt, 175231, QL40, QL240
R-Can - Sterilight SS2RL, S2RA, S2R, S5RL, S5RA, S5R, S8RL/4P, S8QAUV, 12QA, S12QAUV, S24QA, S24QAUV, SUV 24-1000, S8RL, S8QA, S12QA, S8QAUV, S12QAUV, S36RL, S12Q, S5Q, S12Q-PA, S12Q-PA/2, SSM-39, SSM-39/2, S12Q/2,,S12Q-Gold, S12Q-Gold/2, S24Q, S24Q/2, S24Q, S24Q/2, S24Q-Gold, S24Q-Gold/2, SUV 24P-100P, S64RL, SUV225P-800P, S463RL, S5Q-PA, S5Q-PA/2, SSM-24, SSM-24/2, S5Q, S5Q/2, S5Q-Gold, S5Q-Gold/2, S8Q-PA, S8Q-PA/2, S8Q, S8Q/2, S8Q-Gold, S8Q-Gold/2, SSM-37, S810RL, SSM-37/2, S330RL, S2Q, S2Q-PA, S2Q-Gold, S100RL-HO, SP100-HO, S150RL-HO, SP150-HO, S200RL-HO, SP200-HO, S320RL-HO, SP320-HO, S410RL-HO, SP410-HO, S600RL-HO, SP600-HO, S740RL-HO, SP740-HO, S950RL-HO, SP950-HO
Second Wind Air Purifier 1000KCS, 1062, 1002KCS, 1076, 2000, 8000, 9000
Sharper Image SI362BLU, PL-L36w/TUV, Ionic Breeze Floor Model GP, Professional Series, Ionic Breeze Desktop GP, Ionic Breeze Car Air Purifier Model GP Ionic Breeze GP Desktop Air Purifier w/UV Protection
Siemens 17491, 17998, LP4580, 3084, ZCSPL3084, 3098, 3087, ZCSPL3087, LP4045, LP4005, LP4015, LP4050, LP4105, LP4165, LP4425, SB-10, LP4535, LP4570, LP4605, 189774, 17498, LP4840, LP5040, LP6155
Sterilaire 20000200, GTD22VO, 20000300, GTD28VO, 20000400, GTD34VO, DE361VO, 20000500, GTD40VO, DE421VO
Sol Aire Systems - Scrubber
EL-SL-24, GSL609T6VH/S14/C1S
Sunlight Systems LP4050, LP4075, LP4095, LP4105, LP4425, LP4440, SBH-7
Tan Wing G30T6L, G30T6L3
Tetra Pond UV Mini Pond Clarifier, UV5, UV1 Pond Clarifier, UV1, UV2 Pond Clarifier, PUV2500, PUV4000, UV2, UV3 Pond Clarifier, UV3
Tropical Marine Center (Vecton UV) Pond Clear Advantage UV6, Pond Clear Advantage UV8, Pond Clear Advantage UV15, Pond Clear Advantage UV25,
Pond Clear Advantage UV30
Trojan Technologies Advantage 2, 702, 650140, Advantage 5, 705, 650139, UV775, 602140, Advantage 8, 708, 650138, Advantage 12, 712, 650137, UV776, 602142, Pro 7, UV Max E, UV Max E Plus, 602806, Pro 15, UV Max F, 602807, Trojan 2000, 6000080, Trojan 3000, 6414, 302418, Trojan 3000 Plus, 302509, Trojan Logic, 794113, UV505, UV555, 650149, UV602, UV622, 650144, UV605, UV 675, 65014,3 UV Max A, 602803, UV Max B, 602804, UV Max C, UV Max D, 602805, 612, 7024, 7040, 7100, UV3614, 650141, 302417, 793923
Ultra Dynamics 5340 SUD, 5360 SUD, 6780 SUD, 8050 SUD 7001-8055, 8060 SUD, 9410 SUD 8040 7001-941, 7001-153, 7001-158, 7001-821, 7001-727, 7001-803, DW15, S15, S30, 8030, 8030UD, 6000-2, 7001-805, P1, S2, 7001-806, DW7, P3, S6, 250, 8060UD, 7001-807, S30, 001-809, S6, P3, 250, 7001-814, Q1, 7001-915, P1, S2, 7008-246, 7008-247-1
Ultravation UVE1036, LPPP0002
Ultraviolet Purification Systems - Katadyne EP1XS, L14UT4, EP8, L300040, EP1200, L58065, EP120441, L58065-LPT-1/2, L58PT-3LMC, L58PT-8
Ushio G64T5L Coated Soft Glass, 3000313, G64T5L Quartz, 3000014, G64T5L/4 Coated Soft Glass, 3000351, G64T5L/4 Quartz, 3000423
UV Pure Technologies - Hallett Hallett 13, E300165, Hallett 15xs, C300210, Hallett 30, C300032
UV Technologies - Voitec UV1400, UV2400
Water Master WG-5, WG535/2P, WM-6, WM614L/4P, WG-6D, WG-6S, WG614L/2P, WG-8D, 8S, 12, WG818L/2P, WG-12D, 12S, WG1231L/2P, WG-15D, 15S
Wedeco DLR1, DLR1A, NLR1825, AQ37085, Aquada 1, 1AP, 1M, DLR2, DLR4, NLR1845, AQ37086, Aquada 2, Aquada 4, DLR7, DLR10, NLR1880, AQ37087, 7AP, 7M, 10AP, 10M, SLR2581, SLR25113, SLR25143, TAK25, SLR32143, SLR32143HP, XLR10, XLR-20, 32143/4P, XLR30, 40694
Wyckomar RL-7/254 Cell, RL-4/T5, UV4, RL-15/20/50/T8, UV1500/2, UV5007/ 2 pin, UV2000/ 2 pin, UV5000/ 2 pin, RL-40/867T5, UV700, RL-84/893T5, UV1200, RL-1200/T5, NSF12.5, UV12.5, QD4E-U, RL-100/1197T6, UV3000, UV6000, RL-30/60/T6, RL-110/1197T5, UV1500, UV2000, UV5000, UV5007, NSF30/QD4E-U, RL-15/20/50/T5
Specifications︰UV LAMPS
P/N 21000500
P/N 21000300
Export Markets︰WORLD WIDE
Payment Details︰TT IN ADVANCE
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